Roaming Photo Booth

Bringing the Booth Fun to you

Are you looking for something a bit different for your Photo Booth?

Well, have you considered booking a Roaming Photo Booth?

I know what your first question will be. What is a Roaming Photo Booth? Ever been to a Nightclub and had your photo taken? Most likely gone home and found yourself with a keyring the next morning. Well, there are no keyrings involved. Though the premise works along those lines. Our Booth Butler goes around your guests taking photos. What makes the Roaming Booth different to a photographer going around the party is that once taken your guests get the chance to have the photos sent to their email or mobile phones.

It’s a fact that your Roaming Photo Booth will be a hit thanks to our friendly and professional Booth Butler. He will get in and around the room getting as many guests involved as he can. We can promise the Roaming Photographer and his Booth is the perfect addition to any event or party. We offer a unique and fun experience that will have your guests talking about your event for weeks to come.

roaming Photo Booth

Unique experience:

The Roaming Photo Booth offers a fun and interactive way to capture memories that will be long-lasting from your event. Unlike traditional Photo Booths that are stationary, a Roaming Photo Booth can go where your guests are, allowing them to take photos in different areas and create unique memories.

We love our Magic Mirror and the Enclosed Photo Booth but we know they are not for everyone out there. Be it limited space to fit a booth or Maybe not just not your thing. The Roamer fills in that gap. For a mid-July wedding, it’s red hot and no one wants to come indoors (we don’t blame them) well the Roamer is not restricted to one location. It gets about and gives you a more varied number of images.

Yes with the Roaming Booth, you lose the props and the option of printing but the chances are as we are going around the room you will have way more photos and way more memories to go over when you look over the images. Something you don’t lose is the ability to have the photos personalised. As we can provide custom photo templates to fit any occasion.

Whether you’re planning a Wedding, Birthday party, Corporate event, or any other special occasion, our Roaming Photo Booth will capture all the fun and excitement of your amazing guests from the event. Instead of printing photos, we will text or email them to your guests. Then at the end of the night, you as the event organiser will receive a USB drive with all the edited photos.

Increased engagement

The Roaming Photo Booth can help to increase guest engagement and interaction at your event. As your guests take photos and share them with each other, they’ll be having fun and making memories together.

Kabooth is Multi-Award-Winning and Kris our Booth Butler helps to make this the case. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and attention to detail. This is only enhanced thanks to Kris having a background in events photography. He is also a Wedding Photographer at Kristof Photography.

We also work closely with you to ensure that our roaming photo booth fits seamlessly into your event be it the timings or the photo template designs, and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have.

Want to know more Contact us today to book our roaming photo booth for your next event. We can’t wait to make your event a memorable one with our innovative and personalised Roaming Photo Service! you invite the guests and we capture the moments…

Keep an eye open for the Roamer coming to an event near you soon…

What is a Roaming Photo Booth hire service?

The Roaming Photo Booth is a portable booth that goes around your guests taking photos. Much like a photographer would but the roamer allows your guests to have the photos texted or emailed to them. It is a booth that goes to your guests and is perfect when space is limited or an outdoor event.

What occasions is the Roaming Photo Booth suitable for?

The Roaming Photo Booth is a service that is perfect for your special events such as Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Christmas Parties and so much more.

What types of Photo Booths are available for hire?

You will find that Kabooth supplies three types of Photo booths. We have the Magic Mirror Photo Booth which adds an extra dash of elegance to any event. Then we have the classic Photo Booth with the passport vibe. Most recently we have added the Roaming Photo Booth, ideal when you are limited on the room or you are worried that the venue’s booth location means it may not get used as much as you would like.

What is the cost of the Roaming Photo Booth?

The Roamer starts at £300 for 3 hours of operation. If you are looking for something different then please get in touch and we can work something out.

What do you get with a Roaming Photo Booth hire package?

Your guests get the photos sent to their emails or telephone. You get the photos also on USB.

How long can I hire the Roaming Photo Booth?

For a minimum of 3 hours but you can book for as long as you need over this.

What Do You Need From Us On The Day?

Just for you to have a fantastic time with your friends, family & guests. The only time we require power with the Roamer is if you are having a guestbook for the printer.

Will there be an attendant to help guests with the Roaming Photo Booth?

For the Roaming booth to work it needs the Booth butler to operate so yes there will be someone with it.

How many photos can be taken in the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

It is unlimited use during the agreed operating times.

How do we get the Roaming photos from the night?

Kris will go through the images taken and give any required adjustments. It’s not a heavy edit just enough to make them pop through lightroom. In the case that they can’t be done during the event. A USB can be left with you and you will be sent a Google Drive link to download within 24 hours.

Can I share the Roaming Photo Booth photos on social media?

we love it when you do and we love to be tagged.

What happens if there are technical issues with the Roaming Photo Booth?

We carry spare leads and a spare camera just in case.

How far in advance do I need to book the Roaming Photo Booth?

This is a tough question. If you want Kabooth at your event we say book early as although we have more than one booth we only cover one event. The number of booths is a way to give you choice.
We have bookings booked up to 18 months before the date. We wouldn’t recommend booking anything further afield not till you are 100% ready and sure the event is going ahead.

What is the cancellation policy for Roaming Photo Booth hire services?

Booking Fees are non-refundable. Cancellation liability is then as follows:- If cancellation occurs between 60-22 days before the event date, the client shall be liable to pay 50% of the total payable.- If cancellation occurs within 21 days of the event start date, the client shall be liable to pay 100% of the total payable.

You should notify Kabooth of your wish to cancel a booking at the first instance available by telephone or email. This request should also be followed up in writing.

A booking shall only be deemed as cancelled once the company has sent confirmation of the cancellation in writing.

Do you supply props with the Roaming Photo Booth?

Unfortunately, how the Roamer works props are not something we can offer. Though we are looking into digital props.

How does the Roaming Photo Booth Work?

A clever combination of a tethered iPad and a Mirrorless Camera with a Speedlight. This allows the photos to be sent to your guests and afterwards after an edit, they are yours as well on a USB.

My venue has asked for a PAT certificate & Public Liability. Can you provide this?

Yes, you can download both after booking. Both are renewed yearly within the month of June.

Can the roaming booth be used outside?

As long as it’s dry. Then yes. The Roamer literally can go to any corner of the event.

Can we make the photos personal?

Yes, just like the Mirror & the Booth we design a personalised background to complement your event.

How far do you travel with the Roaming Photo Booth?

We are happy to travel. Please be aware the first 45 miles are free all miles over this incur a 45p charge per mile

We have different rooms with different lighting setups. Does this matter?

No fear. Kris has a long history of event photography. He uses a Speedlight to keep control of the situation of any room.

Do the guests get a copy of the photos?

Right now guests can have them sent to their emails and Phones. The speed of this is dependent on the internet connection. Due to the mobile nature of the Roamer, the photos currently are not printable for guests. Though we do offer a guestbook and print option for you.