Corporate Photo Booth Hire

Kabooth Corporate Photo Booth Hire

Bring something a little different to your next corporate event. We can help with any brand promotion, from a standard single Photo Booth or Magic Mirror to a multiple, fully branded solution with social media integration, plus lots more. Our booth and mirror can even be customised with branded skins.

Be it for a team-building event, conference, party or show, we understand the importance of bringing fun to your event whilst keeping within your brand and remaining professional. That is why, we not only set up our photo booth and magic mirror, they are manned by our friendly Booth Butler the whole time. This ensures that your guests are encouraged to have fun and to get creative with great props, so you will have great pictures to share in the days after your event and in years to come!

We have supplied various corporate clients including a fully branded set-up for Walsall College

Please complete the form below to discuss any requirements that you have.  We are happy to help!

Past Corporate Clients

How can a Corporate Photo Booth enhance my event?

A Corporate Photo Booth enhances corporate events by being Entertainment for those using it. You can add Branding to the booth to promote the business. It will also give you the chance to give guests Branded Keepsakes. One thing you may not have considered, it can help with Networking as it helps people come together and bring down nervous defences. It can also assist with Data collection if using the right software.

What types of corporate events are suitable for a Photo Booth?

From large events such as exhibiting at places such as the NEC, at large corporate celebrations bringing large teams together or even small team parties. The Corporate Photo Booth fits into all forms of events.

What types of Photo Booths are available for hire?

Kabooth has three different Photo Booth options. The classic enclosed Photo Booth, Ideal for those who want an air of privacy while having their photos. The open-plan elegant Magic Mirror is perfect if you want to get more guests in and want the fun to be shared. Then Our Final offering in the new Roaming Photo Booth, worried that guests won’t go to the Photo Booth we bring it to them. There really is no excuse not to have a go!

How much does it cost to hire a Corporate Photo Booth?

The cost of a Corporate Photo Booth starts from £300 for a three-hour booking. If looking for a booth for a bigger event then your are best to get in touch to get your personalised price.

How long can I hire the Corporate Photo Booth?

you can hire a Corporate Photo Booth for three hours and you can hire for a longer period. From a few hours to days. To find out if we can assist you then get in touch.

Do we need to provide anything for the Corporate Photo Booth?

All we need from you for Photo Booth is a power supply and the space to set up.

Will there be an attendant to help guests with the photo booth?

You will have our Award Winning Booth Butler on hand to run the Corporate Photo Booth. This ensures that the event runs smoothly.

How many photos can be taken in the corporate photo booth?

The Booth has unlimited use during the agreed operating time.

Can I include branding on the photos from the corporate photo booth?

Yes, we design templates for every booking and we can incorporate your branding into the design.

How far in advance do I need to book a corporate photo booth hire?

We suggest booking as early as you can to ensure that you book as soon as you can to ensure we are able to cover your event. If we are booked we will still try and help by suggesting other high quality booth companies that we trust.