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Capturing the Moment

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a fully interactive, full-length selfie taker. Strike your best pose and customise it with different backgrounds and emojis. Don’t forget to write a message on your picture too!

We can even integrate your company branding for corporate events. Even though the mirror is easy to use we have a Booth Butler on hand, so even the biggest technophobe can enjoy themselves and create a perfect selfie. The magic mirror not only enables you to print the picture but also send it to yourself.

Fun for all ages and great entertainment for your party guests. 

Add the magic…

Capturing the fun at your party will give you a long-lasting keepsake of pictures with our photo booth and magic mirror.

Perfect for parties of all sizes and ages!

We cover all of the West Midlands as well as much of the surrounding regions.

Why Compromise On Quality?


High-Quality Prints

Our photo prints are processed using dye sublimation which gives fast and amazingly high-quality prints every time.

Touch Screen

Our booths use touchscreen technology to allow for full interaction between your guests and the booths.

Images by Text/Email

Guests are always amazed by this feature. The option to have the photo sent directly to their phone or email as well as getting the images printed on the spot.

Studio Lighting

One of the reasons our photos stand out is due to the use of high-end studio strobe lighting. This gives the end images a much more crisp, sharp finish.

Booth Butler

Our Booth Butler adds to the overall experience. They will run the booth from start to end. ensuring that the guests all have a fun time.

DSLR Images

To ensure the highest quality images we only use DSLR cameras in our photo booths. So to get that premium quality that all our guests expect.

Magic Mirror Review

Rach & Kev

The magic mirror was a highlight of mine. Kris was absolutely fantastic and regularly kept in contact before our wedding. Kris was friendly, helpful and really great to have at our wedding. Everyone loved the magic mirror there is a great selection of props, I loved the personal touch of the templates being in our theme and colours. excellent value for money and fitted our wedding theme perfectly. I would highly recommend booking Kabooth

Common Questions

What is a Magic Mirror Photo Booth hire service?

Like a traditional Photo Booth, the Magic Mirror Photo Booth will take your photo. What steps up the Magic Mirror is the combination of the fact it has an elegant look that works in so many settings and that it allows for a greater number of guests for the photos.

What occasions are Magic Mirror Photo Booths suitable for?

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a service that is perfect for your special events such as Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Christmas Parties and so much more.

What types of Photo Booths are available for hire?

You will find that Kabooth supplies three types of Photo booths. We have the Magic Mirror Photo Booth which adds an extra dash of elegance to any event. Then we have the classic Photo Booth with the passport vibe. Most recently we have added the Roaming Photo Booth, ideal when you are limited on the room or you are worried that the venue’s booth location means it may not get used as much as you would like.

How much does it cost to hire a Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

From our Packages, prices start from £300 for three hours. You can check the prices and your date on the booking page. If you’re looking for something more bespoke you can also contact us directly and we will see what we can do to help.

What is included in a Magic Mirror Photo Booth hire package?

What do you get? You have unlimited use of the booth in the agreed time slot. Your guests get to send the photos directly to their mobile phones and we Print out a copy. We do offer more options and to see what we can offer we suggest going to the booking page as it gives an in-depth list of all that you can have included.

How long can I hire the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

Our Booth packages start from 3 hours and can stretch as long as you require. You can hire the Magic Mirror over a number of days if looking to use it for a corporate setting.

Do I need to provide anything for the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

All we need from you is a nearby power supply and space to set up!
All we want you to do is enjoy your time with us. Get involved and have a laugh with friends. Then smile and laugh over all the fantastic images afterwards.

Will there be an attendant to help guests with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

The Magic Mirror Booth will always have our one-of-a-kind Booth Butler. He is on hand to run it as well as help your guests to ensure they all have fun!

How many photos can be taken in the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

During the time you have, the Magic Mirror booked it can be used unlimited. The more it’s used the better.

How are the photos from the Magic Mirror Photo Booth delivered to me?

At the end of the event, you will get the photos all on a USB stick and if you have booked a package with one you will get a guestbook with the photos included. Don’t forget also that there is one print for the guests. Also, they can have the photos, Texted or Emailed to themselves. The speed of delivery is based on wifi service.

Can I share the Magic Mirror Photo Booth photos on social media?

Totally yes we love the photos being shared across social media! while you are at it don’t forget to tag us in any posts. Share the love.

What happens if there are technical issues with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

Touch wood it doesn’t happen but if the worst did then we will try our very best to get the issues fixed. We carry fuses and spare cables. We even carry a spare touchscreen monitor. At the very worst we have the Roaming Photo Booth that we have now started to carry for the worst-case scenario.

How far in advance do I need to book the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

This is a tough question. If you want Kabooth at your event we say book early as although we have more than one booth we only cover one event. The number of booths is a way to give you choice.
We have bookings booked up to 18 months before the date. We wouldn’t recommend booking anything further afield not till you are 100% ready and sure the event is going ahead.

What is the cancellation policy for Magic Mirror Photo Booth hire services?

Booking Fees are non-refundable. Cancellation liability is then as follows:- If cancellation occurs between 60-22 days before the event date, the client shall be liable to pay 50% of the total payable.- If cancellation occurs within 21 days of the event start date, the client shall be liable to pay 100% of the total payable.

You should notify Kabooth of your wish to cancel a booking at the first instance available by telephone or email. This request should also be followed up in writing.

A booking shall only be deemed as cancelled once the company has sent confirmation of the cancellation in writing.

Do you supply props with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

We have a wide assortment of amazing props. Hats, Glasses, Masks we could go on but we offer a high-quality wide selection. These are available with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth.

How do you take the images in the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

We use a professional DSLR in both the Magic Mirror and the Photo Booth. Along with a studio-quality flash. Our Booth Butler has vast experience in using the equipment to ensure the highest quality.

Are you able to provide PAT Testing & Public Liability for the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

Do we have PAT testing & Public Liability? 100% yes. Once booked you can easily download it from your login account for your venue when required.

Can we make the Magic Mirror Photo Booth more personal?

We add special touches to your Magic Mirror Photo Booth through the design of the prints. As well as creating a personal home screen on your Booth that your guests see as soon as they step up to it! This adds a wow to make your party even more special.

Can the Magic Mirror Photo Booth go outdoors?

We are unable to set up outside except in the case that the equipment is on flat ground and fully undercover and waterproof.

How far do you travel with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth?

We are happy to travel anywhere with the Magic Mirror Photo Booth. Please note that for anything over 45 Miles, there will be a 45p charge per mile. Also please take into account if there are any congestion charges to get to your event as we will have to charge an additional fee to cover this.

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