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Five top reasons – Kabooth Photo Booth & Magic Mirror Hire

Are you looking for a photo booth or a magic mirror and thinking who do we go with? Have you got your big wedding day coming up or a special birthday party and want something extra special which will both entertain your guests as well as send them away with a totally personalised keepsake?

Let’s give you some of the top reasons you should consider Kabooth. For either a Photobooth or Magic Mirror. So to entertain you and your friends.

Have you seen the Reviews?

Are you like me and most other people? Will you before you buy anything you look around at reviews on an item? Then you are doing it right. ‘A photo booth is not an everyday thing and you want the best’.

Every event we cover is treated as if it’s the most important one ever as for you it is. We may say it but that should not be enough alone so go look at our reviews which 100% support what we say.

Not just this but recently we were shortlisted as a regional finalist through ‘The Wedding Industry Awards’ which is an extraordinary accomplishment.

We don’t just say it, we practice what we preach.

The Booth Butler

One of the key features that we have been told time after time is phenomenal is our very own Booth Butler. Not all photo booths come with someone to run it. Ours does.

Our Booth Butler is key in making your event special. You ask how. His bubbly personality, how he interacts with you and your guests. Assisting them from picking props, Instructing how the Photo Booth and Magic Mirror works. Not forgetting setting it all up and maintaining everything in a timely manner.

We could not comprehend the night without him as things would just be so dismal. He brings a glow to your night in a way that cannot be imitated. You honestly can see the difference in the photos thanks to his direction.

Examine the Image quality

Why do we care about image quality and why should you? Not all photo booths are built the same. How would you know just from the word photo booth? You honestly wouldn’t. Most do an ok job and from a fast glance, it’s fine. With ours, we go a step further.

Thanks to combining the use of a DSLR camera with studio-quality lighting. We deliver sharper, cleaner and clearer pictures. We won’t bore you with the science behind it but trust us. Kris could and would for hours. As it is thanks to his photography background that makes our shots look better than most.

On top of this, we use high speed and high-end quality dye sub printing. Meaning you and your guests get instant prints within seconds on the night. Also, we can send across the photos to your guest’s phones at the same time. Meaning they can share it online. We only want our best quality images online so we aim to get it right every time.

For the fun of the props

So often it commented on the number of props we bring with us. It’s noted that we have more choice than many other booths that people have seen. Don’t take it as us saying we carry the most as we doubt this is so. What we want to convey is that we ensure that we always have a good high-quality mix of props so to add to the fun and magic we always deliver.

Be it glasses, hats, masks, featherless boas and even lightsabers. We have a mix that has something for everyone. From the shy guy, through to the full-on diva in the group. Serious or silly we have you fully covered!

Those finishing touches

It’s your day and we want people to remember this so we have ways to make your Photo Booth or Magic Mirror more personal. The most noticed way is the Prints that you get they are personalised just for you on your day. We design and create each print template ourselves. Along with your own personalised message.

Say your day has a flower theme, we can grow something to match around that. Football team, we have that in the goal. Steampunk, we already have the clogs turning to create it for you!

Not just that the Booth or the mirror screen will be personalised with a message of your choice to match with the print design. It’s these little touches that add the extra wow factor.

We love what we do and anyone who has used us will tell you the same. We are proud of what we do and how we deliver it to you. It’s all done to enhance and add to your special events. If you have something in mind and you dont know if we can do it for you. Message us and ask the question.

If not at your event we look forward to seeing you at another really soon!

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