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The steps to booking your Photo Booth

In our lives, many decisions are ultimately made on impulse or through the use of gut feelings or intuition. However, choosing your perfect Photo Booth to hire is a decision that should be assessed from all angles, taking into consideration a wide variety of factors. 

You can view many Photo Booths from afar, and on the surface, they look alike. It’s the little details that can make the difference. As with any equipment hire or entertainment service, the package provided should always be understanding of your specific needs and requirements during the event.

We got thinking here at Kabooth Photo Booth & Magic Mirror Hire to create the ultimate checklist for those considering the use of a Photo Booth at their next big soiree!

Use this handy little guide to ensure you select the best option available to you, even if that isn’t Kabooth! We just want to make sure that you and your guests have a perfect day! 

Research, research, research!
  • Always begin by researching the service you wish to hire. This goes for any industry. It would be highly advised when selecting a plumber to fix water issues to check that the plumber in question had the correct training and qualifications. 
  • When researching your perfect Photo Booth, be sure to look out for the following information:
  • Cost and value for money
  • Locations covered
  • Equipment included
  • Photo Booth condition
  • Terms and conditions
  • Cancellations
  • Insurance
More than just a Photo Booth!

After conducting some initial research it is highly probable that the more attractive or well known Photo Booth companies will have caught your attention. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as many of these Photo Booths have achieved their status by providing exceptional service, time, and time again.

When comparing the companies it might be difficult to decide which Photo Booth will be best for you, with all options providing similar levels of excellence. So how do you know which of these will be the best selection for your event?

By contacting the photo booth service you are interested in you may be able to arrange a face to face meeting. For us, we attend wedding fairs throughout the year so that is an ideal setting for not just meeting us but many other amazing suppliers. 

Make sure that the staff you hire also bring something to your event. The Photo Booth itself may be the star attraction but where would Barnum’s American Museum be without The Greatest Showman himself!

Be sure to ask the following questions:
  • What makes your Photo Booth hire different from others?
  • What makes the operator the perfect option for this event? 
  • What additional extras do you provide?
  • Why should we choose your Photo Booth for this event?
  • Do you allow cancellations or rebookings if the event is cancelled?
  • Are you legally covered to work the event in question?
  • Will any assistance or additional information be required? 
  • Testimonials are a testament to success!

If you’ve been to an event that featured the use of a Photo Booth throughout its duration, you may already have recommendations from friends and people you have come to know. The Kabooth team encourages you to listen to these recommendations both negative and positive!

Having a quick search online and looking at the reviews left by previous customers will allow potential clients to build up an idea of the business they are getting involved with and the service they can expect to be provided upon the big day.

Sometimes there will be reviews and testimonials which completely contradict the status quo, leaving a lingering worry in the back of your mind. Don’t let it!

It’s rare but sadly people have been known to attempt to sabotage or ‘Troll’ companies online simply to provide themselves with a few minutes of entertainment. Try to get first-hand responses and avoid listening to reviews that contain no substance or no basis in reality! 

Accreditation and Awards

If the words of a random commenter online are not enough to convince you to part with your hard-earned money then you can always look further afield for quality references and reassurance through local, domestic and global awards companies.

A lot of leading industry experts and service providers go out of their way to provide some form of recognition for other professionals within their field, allowing for customers, organisations, and peers to shower the best of the best with the praise and acknowledgement the most reliable companies deserve.

It will be highly beneficial to look for awards that focus on the Photo Booth hire industry such as the following award provider:

The Wedding Business Awards

Organisation like The Wedding Business Awards do not give out awards that easily so rest assured that any business that features on these sites will be respectful, reliable, and guaranteed to exceed all expectations!

Global Wedding Awards Winner

Kris, our brilliant Booth Butler has received more than his fair share of recognition from both Business and Wedding industries. This is no small feat by any means, these awards are the fruits of Kris’ labour, achieved through years of exceptional service.

With that said, Kabooth is more than aware of the work needed to be the best within a particular field and cannot speak highly enough of the fellow industry professionals who have managed to achieve greatness.

Hopefully, this guide will provide the perfect checklist for you to reserve and ultimately enjoy your future Photo Booth Hire. 

If you have any queries or would like to know more about the services provided by Kabooth Photo Booth & Magic Mirror Hire, then feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist!

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