Services we offer

Photo Booth

Our Oval Booth brings the traditional Photo Booth right to your party. Its the classic booth which will make your guests feel like they are right back having photos with there friends when they print there and then. Its great for getting the candid images and having a laugh with both old and new friends.

Magic Mirror

Magic by name and Magic by nature. The magic mirror emulates every young girls dream of the Fairy-Tale Wedding. This is why we are finding our Magic Mirror is loved by every bride as it takes them right back to there childhood dreams. Standing there next to there own Prince Charming and surrounded by all there friends.

Love Letters

Our Rustic light up Love letters can only be described as a centre attraction. Four foot in height they will pop with the true rustic look and feel. Hand made with love. The wooden love letters are made to stand out with an edgy vintage twist! Perfect for so many wedding locations.