Rustic Love Letters


Enhance Your Day…

As well as providing photo booth and magic mirror hire, we also have our very elegant, light up rustic love letters to serve as a perfect backdrop to your special day.

Standing at 4ft tall they act as a stunning addition to your engagement, wedding or anniversary décor.

Available for hire in and around the West Midlands Area.

Quote from When Harry Met Sally 

“When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”.

Rustic Love Letters

Standing 4ft tall and mains powered, they can be used for your weddings, engagement or anniversary parties.

An elegant, magical addition filling the room with love and light. 

Completely hassle-free as we deliver and set them up for you and take them away at the end of the night.

Rustic love letters & magic mirror

All You Need To Know

Frequently asked questions

What are Rustic Love Letters?

Made of high-quality wood the Letters are four-foot-tall letters that light up and make a perfect focal point.

What occasions are rustic love letters suitable for?

They are focused on weddings but are ideal for Engagements or Anniversary parties. They shine bright and make a perfect focal point for your high day.

How much does it cost to hire rustic love letters?

The letters are £125 for the hire for the day.

What is included in a rustic love letters hire package?

You get the letters all set up by an agreed setup time. We ensure they all are working before leaving and get photos to show they are all lit up. You get the Letters for the agreed time slot and we collect them at the end of the party. Please ensure you let us know the times we can collect the letters. In case it has to be the next morning.

How long can I hire the rustic love letters?

The hire is for the full day.

Do I need to provide anything for the rustic love letters?

All we need from you is a nearby power supply and space to set up! Please discuss with your venue where you want them.

How big are the rustic love letters?

the height is just over 4 feet. Set out they need about 2 meters across.

How do I book the rustic love letters?

Please contact us through the contact page.

How far Do you travel with the rustic love letters?

Yes, we can travel. There is a fee for distances over 15 miles. 45p per mile.

We have been asked by the venue for PAT & PLI. Can you supply these for the Rustic Love Letters?

We have both a fully up-to-date PAT testing certificate as well as Public Liability for £5 Million. Both are available for you and your venue. Both can be downloaded from your account login after booking.

Can your Rustic love letters be used outdoors?

Only if undercover and on flat ground. The only exception to being undercover is if it’s for photo opportunities.

How do we book and is there a booking fee to secure the rustic love letters?

You can book today, the booking fee is £25. If booked with one of our Photo Booths you will be paying the higher booking fee of £50. Be it the original Photo Booth, the elegant Magic Mirror or one of our newest booth services the Roaming Photo Booth or the Rustic Photo Booth

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