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The Corona 19 Virus vs Photo Booths

Here I am sitting here contemplating the corona 19 virus and its impact on the world at 1:27 am and not able to sleep. I wonder what is going to happen over the coming months. Like all of you, I cannot say at this moment. If you’re like me not knowing is the worst of it all. Worrying about family and friends. The loved ones in our lives. With this added fear of how it’s going to impact work. 

This rings even more true in the entertainment industry. One of the first to be impacted in the UK as the government hit its first imposed restrictions onto the masses. On Friday evening I see the announcement and right away I know it’s going to have a widespread impact on every single event business I know. Photo booths, car hire, DJs, florists, room decor, hotels and wedding venues to name just a few.

I had already rung my booking for March and April in preparation for what I expected to happen. some already planning new dates some holding off.

There was one. A lady had planned her partners surprise 50th. Every day for a week she had checked in with the hotel. Everyday to be told we are not closing, all is good. Then 24 hours till the party in the 11th hour to be told the hotel had to shut. Upon ringing me the lady was distorted and it got too much for me as it brought me to tears knowing the effort she had gone to for this once in a lifetime birthday.

Do not get me wrong I am not blaming the hotel and I agree with the actions of the Government. These are measures that need to be taken. We are in dire times with no sight of light as yet. It is just as a photo booth operator, my world is all about bringing joy so to see so much upset and heartache. It does not sit well with me. I’m all about amazing memories, smiles, laughter and joy. So many birthdays lost. (This year be like the Queen guys and have two. Take your second one once we’ve been given the all-clear after lockdown).

As for the number of couples out there who should be getting married. It’s almost too much to take in their emotions right now. From being told you can’t get married right now. Through the military operation of finding a new date. Not just a new date but a date that all or most off there chosen suppliers are available. a pure logistical nightmare.

Lucky so far iv been able to rearrange every couple so far. Most likely due to the early communication and planning on my part. Sometimes being OCD comes in handy. Some couples are still waiting on dates and I hope I can still assist them with the Photo booth but in the worst case I have plans set up with other suppliers I trust.

Going forward we are in lockdown for 3 weeks minimum. I expect it could go on way longer. What can we do about it?

  • Firstly respect each other, do your best to stay home. If you need to go out remember to do your best to apply the 2-meter rule.
  • Care for each other, if you know someone who can’t get out then get in touch. Check on them make sure they are well. This disaster may bring us all closer together.
  • Think smart, wash those hands. Don’t panic buy. Those who are confined also need food.
  • Most important stay strong together we will make it.

For all you brides and grooms out there. Not just mine. Every one of you who’s been affected. Although I know its a massive blow. Remember the virus may be here today but it will go. Unlike your love which is forever. It will be your love that gets you through this and it will strengthen your love and when you say ‘I do’ and I know you will it will mean ever so much more.

We all need to be singing from the same hymn sheet and we will get through.

Life will return to normal. It may take time. The bars, hotels and wedding venues will reopen. The DJs will make the room shake. The florists and room decors will make rooms sparkle. Then the Photo booth and the Magic mirror will bring joy, laughter and capture memories again very soon.

I know these are ramblings of a tired mad man but sometimes you just need to write these things down to get them off your chest. Especially when that tired mad man is not able to get out. So if your reading this thank you and I hope it reminds you that you are not alone.

We are going to get through this. Stay strong, remain kind and above all keep washing those caring hands.

 Remember as well the amazing job done by the Key Workers. All the NHS staff, teachers, police, supermarket staff, Bus Drivers, Lorry Drivers. This list goes on, each in their own way helps us to go on…

The whole country is in your true debt…

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